Krunai – a village of Kin‘s domains

We are people of various age and professions, most of us young families united by a common dream to create home in natural surroundings, in the village of Kin‘s domains.

The village has been established on the principles of V. Megre books from “Ringing Cedars“ series. Most of the beginner families have been inspired to live in a way that traditions of joyful and harmonious community could be reestablished. Here in Lithuania, people still remember living in Kin‘s domains (nearly every Lithuanian has family members living in the villages). Yet our idea of the village of Kin‘s domains is far deeper and broader in sense. We imagine such a way of life not only as an opportunity for ecological living or living in natural surroundings, but also as a beautiful experience where we can realise the true nature of human being and live according to its principles. Though we often call our village an ecovillage (in order to make it simpler for others to understand), our conception of ecology is not only that of recycling or buying ecoproducts; we believe the basis of ecology is lower consumption and harmonious relation towards Mother Nature. These are our values which we hope to pass on to future generations.

We believe that step by step the village of Krunai is becoming an example of alternative way of life for those who realise the current situation on Earth and are willing to initiate true long-term harmonious changes.

Some of us may be found here.

We kindly invite you to visit our gallery where you can see moments of our everyday life and feasts.

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